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Managing Parents and Students


Have you ever had one of these?

  • A parent who tries to negotiate your lesson fees
  • A parent who challenges your days off
  • A student who stalls the end of the lesson to get a little more of your time
  • A student who is late, and expects you to make up time at the end of the lesson
  • A student who chronically misses lessons, then expects you to make them up
  • A student who virtually never practices, and you keep teaching them
  • A student who refuses to do what you’re asking them to do

How did you handle it? What was your relationship like with the student after that? Do you feel you could have done better? If you have had any of these issues in your studio and you want to learn to handle it better, this course is for you.

One of the keys to retaining long-term students is maintaining firm and healthy boundaries.  These small classes will participate in role-playing exercises where you can practice maintaining healthy boundaries!  This course is for smaller groups and includes role-playing activities to help you get better at having those difficult conversations.

Prerequisites: I prefer that you have already taken my course, “Creating a Profitable, No-Burnout, Teaching Studio”.  If you would like to take this course without having done the prerequisite, please contact me directly.

Target Audience: Music teachers who want to get better at setting and maintaining limits, dealing with difficult students and parents, and presenting themselves so that fewer issues come up.

Music is your soul. Time to make it your profitable business.