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The Happy Studio

I teach music… what’s your superpower?

Formerly known as Creating a Profitable, No-Burnout Music Teaching Studio

***This class is on hiatus while I develop it into an all-online, self-paced course. Please join the mailing list (left sidebar) and you’ll hear about it as soon as I get it up and running!***

Do you have a Happy Studio?  In Happy Studios, teachers:

  • Feel valued and valuable.
  • Feel good about their pay rate and workload.
  • Take enough vacation and don’t get  burned out.
  • Get paid on time.
  • Minimize their administrative time.
  • Hold students accountable with love and compassion.
  • Have the emotional resources to inspire their students every lesson.

In short, they have a superhero outfit and accessory set that fits, looks great, and lets their superpowers shine.  Metaphorically speaking, of course.

As teachers and musicians, we are skilled professionals, and we deserve to be treated that way! Whatever you want your music teaching business to be, this workshop will help you design and build the studio of your dreams.

Sometimes, running a business and being an entrepreneur can feel like kryptonite around your neck.  When your studio feels like a burden, you can’t teach your best.

You’ve spent years honing your artistry and pedagogy – you’re a great teacher! But how can you be a great teacher when you feel burned out by your business? If only they had required a business course in music school…

Transform your music teaching studio into a Happy Studio with this course.  You’ll learn:

  • Why mindset matters – thinking of yourself as a valuable professional.
  • How to go about setting your lesson fees, and what you’re actually making per lesson.
  • How to set up your studio and policies so that you can live and thrive with them, personally and professionally. Learn to take vacation AND have income!
  • How to streamline the administrative parts of your business such as billing, taxes, scheduling, so that they don’t take over your life. Includes a survey of several software resources.
  • How to craft a marketing and recruitment strategy that is right for you.

Want some individual attention and feedback from the Music Studio Maven? Check out The MYOB Superhero Tights Package

Target Audience: Music Teachers building a new studio from scratch, Music Teachers with existing music teaching studios. If you want to gain to tools to realize your ideal teaching studio, this course is for you!

Music is your soul. Time to make it your profitable business.