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Teaching With Depression (Part 2)

This is the story of my saddest teaching day ever.  But first, A Primer in Minnesota Behavior: (Warning: stereotypes ahead) Minnesotans don’t talk much about their feelings.  The question, “How are you doing?” will most likely prompt one of the following responses – normally with no elaboration: “Fine.” “Pretty good.” “Not too bad.” “Can’t complain.” … Continue reading Teaching With Depression (Part 2)

Teaching With Depression (Part 1)

I haven’t posted in a long time. The burnout I was facing at the beginning of the summer has lifted.  Unfortunately, the intermittent bouts of sadness and depression to which I’ve been prone for a couple years have taken its place.  So today I shift gears slightly, and puzzle out, how do I do this … Continue reading Teaching With Depression (Part 1)