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No 401(k)? No Problem!

I know what you’re thinking, “You’ve got to be joking.  Retire? ME?”  You may feel like a retirement plan is a total non-sequitur for you as an independent music teacher.  Maybe you’re pretty sure that the only retirement plan you can afford is to have your kids take care of you when you’re old. I’m … Continue reading No 401(k)? No Problem!

Add Value to Your Music Teaching Studio

Have you heard the corporate buzzword “Value Added?”  When I worked in HR, I had only the vaguest idea of what it meant.  In staff meetings, the bigwigs would start to talk about “adding value” and my eyes would glaze over.  In fact, I had to start my own business to understand what “adding value” … Continue reading Add Value to Your Music Teaching Studio

10 Ways to Act Like a Professional [Music Instructor]

Something sort of perversely funny struck me the last time I was teaching Creating a Profitable, No Burnout Music Teaching Studio.  One item on the long list of reasons why music is valuable was “creates self confidence and self esteem.”  And yet here I was talking to a group of talented music teachers who struggled … Continue reading 10 Ways to Act Like a Professional [Music Instructor]

My Guru, My Teacher (Part 2)

Back on the subject of “Guru”, the Teacher, the Imparter of Knowledge, the one who is Heavy With Knowledge…. My own experience with my voice teacher (my Guru) has illuminated how I think of teaching piano.  In case you don’t know, my first instrument is my voice, and I am a far more accomplished singer … Continue reading My Guru, My Teacher (Part 2)

Why Have Studio Policies?

What is the purpose of having a policies document for your music studio? (Or if you’d like to call them something else, that’s fine too!) There are many! A studio policies document: Gives you a framework for how your music teaching studio works Sets expectations for your students about how your music teaching studio works Protects … Continue reading Why Have Studio Policies?

Are You a Professional?

This post is a preview of Module 1 and 2 of Creating a Profitable, No-Burnout Music Teaching Studio Module 1: Mindset for Success What is a music teacher? What is a valuable professional? What is an entrepreneur?  Very few of the music teachers I talk to feel that they are entrepreneurs or professionals.  Even fewer think that their students … Continue reading Are You a Professional?