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Time to Slow the F*** Down and Take a Break

Slow the f*** down, already Shanta.  This is what my life has been telling me this summer. So I’m finally going to take a break. But before I do, I want to tell you the story of why, in hopes that you’ll give yourself permission to slow the *you-know-what* down too. May: My studio’s piano recital … Continue reading Time to Slow the F*** Down and Take a Break

Free Consultations in September!

Have I told you lately that I appreciate you? Thank you for reading my blog!  My dream for this business is to develop and publish a body of knowledge and a network of resources that will help all private music teachers be happy, healthy, relaxed, financially stable teachers. I’ve realized that while I am QUITE aware of … Continue reading Free Consultations in September!

Are You a Professional?

This post is a preview of Module 1 and 2 of Creating a Profitable, No-Burnout Music Teaching Studio Module 1: Mindset for Success What is a music teacher? What is a valuable professional? What is an entrepreneur?  Very few of the music teachers I talk to feel that they are entrepreneurs or professionals.  Even fewer think that their students … Continue reading Are You a Professional?