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Meet Shanta

Hi, I’m Shanta!

As Teacher Empowerment Specialist, Music Studio Maven, and Good Business Witch of the North, I help independent music teachers put on their superhero tights.  Minding Your Own Business helps transform music teachers into happy, healthy, financially comfortable small business owners through blog content, online classes, and individual coaching (join the mailing list in the sidebar).  I teach about 30 students, I take 9 weeks off each year, and I have roughly the same income every month at Simple Gifts Piano in Minneapolis, MN.

In my former life as  a Compensation Specialist, I learned a lot of tools skills that have really helped me run my business. Unfortunately, these tools and skills are not often taught in music school. This website, with its blog, classes, videos, exclusive content for subscribers, and other resources aim to help you grow as a teacher and as an entrepreneur. When we run strong businesses, we empower not only ourselves, but our entire profession.


Music is your soul. Time to make it your profitable business.