How to Become a Better Music Teacher Every Year

So you want to know how to be become a better music teacher.

How can you become a better teacher every year
How to keep it fresh and exciting.
How to stay energized about your craft for years and years.
Let’s take a few lessons from my years in the trenches of Human Resources:

A good employer knows that they need to keep their employees happy — especially the highly valued, “high potential” employees. I like to call them MVPs (Most Valuable Persons).  More money and time off are great incentives, but a good employer doesn’t stop there.

Become a Better Music Teacher Every Year
Fleur the Cat, who always spurns me for the heating vent.

MVPs become dissatisfied easily. 

And  an unsatisfied MVP will jump ship faster than my cat will ditch my lap for the heating vent on a cold day.

A good employer:

  • Invests in the future of the organization by investing in its MVPs.
  • Knows that training those MVPs to be better at their jobs keeps them satisfied.
  • Wants to stuff the talent pipeline with good people ready for the next step in their careers.
  • Knows that MVPs who get development opportunities stay a lot longer than those who don’t.

An underdeveloped  MVP soon gets bored and dissatisfied.  She begins to wonder whether there will ever be anything new or interesting in her job. She starts to think about leaving to find another job where she can learn and grow.

Likewise, an underdeveloped music teacher soon gets bored and dissatisfied. She begins to wonder whether there will ever be anything new or interesting in her job. She starts to think about leaving her students and finding a job where she can learn and grow.

When you’re self employed, YOU are your MVP. Do you treat yourself that way?

When was the last time you set aside time and money to develop yourself into a better teacher or musician or businessperson?

Professional development is high on my list this week because I just attended the San Diego Simply Music Teachers Symposium.  I budget about $1000 and 1 week every year to attend this event, because I am my most valuable (and ONLY) employee.

Aside from a break from the Minnesota Winter, I got to spend 3 ½  days learning how to be a better teacher. I got to meet and make friends with wonderful teachers from all over the world. I got to share struggles, triumphs, teaching tricks, and business practices.  I even got to play a glockenspiel!

I am about to go back to my studio feeling energized and full of ideas that will help my students learn and love music.

I am keeping myself on the cutting edge of my field.

This is how to become a better music teacher next month, next year, and for years to come.

Are you doing this music teaching thing for the long haul? If so, budget the time and money become a better teacher every year.

In fact, pretty soon I will have an easy development opportunity for you – My online class, The Happy Studio, will be launching in the next few months.  Stay tuned for more!

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