WordPress for Beginners (or How a Total Ignoramus Built a Website)

You guessed it, I’m talking about myself.

This is me building a websiteBuilding a website is intimidating if you’ve never done it before.  You might feel like you need a “WordPress for Beginners” or “WordPress for Dummies” book. But not to worry – if your students can all go on YouTube and learn to play Taylor Swift’s latest hit, you can use it to learn how to build a website.

Before you start, be sure you understand the terminology surrounding Web Hosts, Domain Names and Website Builders

Now remember, I was a total ignoramus when I started, and yet I built a WordPress website.

Here is what I did:
  1. I signed up for a hosting account with Cyberlynk on the advice of a friend who is very tech savvy (incidentally, I’ve been happy with them so far).
  2. Cyberlynk secured my domain name for me – I price shopped before I bought it from them, though.
  3. I downloaded WordPress from WordPress.org (NOT WORDPRESS.COM – WordPress.com is more for bloggers and less for businesses).
  4. I signed up for a free WordPress For Business course on Udemy.com. You could also find them on YouTube.  This gave me the basics to get started (about a 90 min course).
  5. I surfed the web for businesses like mine and got design ideas.
  6. I chose a simple theme that I liked, I set up everything basically the way I wanted (based on the WordPress course), and I pasted in my content.
  7. I registered my domain name with Google, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, and the other available search engines, and I started blogging!
  8. After I was set up, I started learning how to make small changes to the CSS code by trial and error, as well as with help from another Udemy.com course (about 1-2 hours) and some helpful YouTube videos. Because I was making changes, I needed to create a CHILD THEME in WordPress.
  9. I found another online tutorial that showed me exactly what to do to create my child theme (another 1-2 hour course), and how I could edit it from my desktop if I needed to.

If that made your brain check out, don’t worry.  There are simpler options than building a WordPress Site.

The next couple weeks, the Good Business Witch of the North (yours truly) will be taking a Christmas hiatus from blogging.  When I come back in January, get ready to learn about Drag and Drop Website Builders that are so easy my mom could do it! (If you know my mom, this is saying something.)

Next Time (After New Year’s!): Drag and Drop Website Builders

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