An Image Crisis in Independent Piano Teaching (Repost)

A special post today – not part of the Business End Series, but deeply related to it. Below is a re-post from Frances Wilson’s blog, the Cross-Eyed Pianist. Frances recently undertook a study of piano teachers in the UK to see how they viewed their jobs and how they thought others viewed their jobs. This post has the results of her survey, and has a lot of really great and troubling information in it.

Her survey confirms my anecdotal experience that many music teachers have a hard time seeing themselves as professionals.  Furthermore, that independent music teachers firmly believe that their students to not see them as professionals.

An Image Crisis in Independent Piano Teaching, by Frances Wilson

These are exactly the kinds of issues with which I’m hoping to help independent music instructors. If you’d like to read my related posts, here are a few:

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Thanks to Frances, we’ve gotten the issues out into the open.  Now let’s do something about it!   Keep reading, folks!



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