Are You a Professional?

This post is a preview of Module 1 and 2 of Creating a Profitable, No-Burnout Music Teaching Studio

Module 1: Mindset for Success

What is a music teacher? What is a valuable professional? What is an entrepreneur?  Very few of the music teachers I talk to feel that they are entrepreneurs or professionals.  Even fewer think that their students see them as professionals. Sometimes, our preconceptions of “teacher”, “professional”, and “entrepreneur” are even in direct conflict with each other.

But, the truth is that when you run your own music teaching studio, you are all three of these things! In the first module, I’ll talk about how to build a mindset where you can  be a strong and comfortable teacher, professional, and entrepreneur–all at the same time!

Module 2: Setting and Talking About Your Fees

How much should you charge? How does your lesson rate impact the perceived value of your teaching? We’ll talk about how to arrive at a number that is right for you, and figure out how much we are actually making on each lesson.

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2 thoughts on “Are You a Professional?”

  1. Gigging musicians have that problem too. Remember, musicians, you are an independent professional with years of training and equipment invested in your craft. They don’t tell you how much the job pays… You tell them what your rate is (and it is your choice, you can negotiate from there).

    Compare yourself to a dentist, to a business consultant, to a plumber. (You don’t call a plumber and say, hey, I need my bathtub repiped, and the job pays $50. The plumber tells you what it will cost.) Set your fees. Speak confidently and know your worth. Negotiate, but know your bottom line, and don’t undersell yourself (and other musicians).

    Thank you for the encouragement and coaching you do for teacher musicians, Shanta!

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